Embargoed/Sanctioned Countries

Duke maintains a Restricted Regions List of locations that pose high risk. The Duke Restricted Regions List is updated whenever conditions warrant by the International Travel Oversight Committee (ITOC).  Travelers should also be aware of the list of countries that have been placed under an embargo or sanctioned by the U.S. Government, because travel to these countries (as well as certain travel-related activities) may have restrictions or require a license.

Example:  You want to travel to an embargoed or sanctioned country to attend a conference.  Depending on which country it is, there may or may not be a restriction on your travel.  Additionally, your attendance at the conference itself may require a license, as would certain items you intend to bring in your luggage or carry-on baggage and certain financial transactions or exchanges you may have in country.  Always confer with the Office of Export Controls before traveling to an embargoed or sanctioned country.


Countries under comprehensive embargo.  Restrictions exist on most imports/exports and financial transactions:

  • Cuba*
  • Iran
  • North Korea**
  • Syria


Countries under targeted sanctions programs; limited restrictions on certain imports, exports, financial transactions/dealings exist:

  • Belarus
  • Congo, Democratic Republic of
  • Iraq
  • Libya
  • Russia/Ukraine
  • Somalia
  • Sudan


Countries to which the transfer of military or space technology is prohibited:

Afghanistan Lebanon
Belarus Liberia
Burma (Myanmar) Libya
China North Korea
Congo, Democratic Republic of Somalia
Cuba Sri Lanka
Cyprus Sudan
Eritrea Syria
Fiji Venezuela
Haiti Vietnam
Iran Yemen
Iraq Zimbabwe
Ivory Coast  


*Travel to Cuba is restricted to only certain academic activities which may be pursued under US government regulations.  Contact Export Controls for more information about travel to Cuba.

**Travel to North Korea is highly restricted.  No exemptions for academic activities currently.

For a list of the export controls that apply to the above listed countries, please refer to the Countries of Concern page on the Export Controls web site.