Working Overseas

  • U.S. export laws are extraterritorial.  You may be prosecuted in the United States for export violations occurring overseas.
  • Goods and technical data taken in luggage or hand bags are subject to export control licensing.
  • If your work is controlled for export purposes, you may be required to obtain a license in order to share your knowledge with foreign counterparts.
  • Providing a speech overseas on controlled technology may require a license.
  • Foreign travel to embargoed or sanctioned countries may be prohibited.
  • Most standard laptops may be taken with a traveler without an export license.  Laptops which physically incorporate special features or processors may require a license to be exported.
  • If your laptop contains special encryption software, please contact export controls
  • Software developed to operate or for use with controlled items will most likely be controlled as well.
  • Controlled technical data which is not necessary for the performance of your duties overseas should be removed from a laptop prior to travel
  • The export of cash or cash equivalents in excess of $10,000 MUST be declared to US Customs or be subject to seizure

Please see the Duke Travel Policy regarding registration requirements and restricted areas.